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The following are courses that Toby Mountain designed as part of the Music Technology curriculum at College of the Holy Cross

Music 251 — Explores the role of digital media in the world of music and teaches how digital tools are utilized by the contemporary composer. Students get “hands-on” experience with digital audio, MIDI, the internet, and a host of computer applications (Garageband, ProTools, Logic Pro, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Dreamweaver) that are essential for the aspiring musician. One unit.
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Music 252 - Second part of a two course sequence focusing on music creation using the latest digital technology, including hard disk recording, editing, mixing, and digital signal processing. Listening and analysis of historical music compositions and recordings from the Twentieth Century which utilize both analog and digital technology. One unit.


Music 220 - Examination the aesthetic, economic and social structures that surround the core relationship between artist and audience. Topics include music publishing, recording, artist contracts, copyright, music performance, and the impact of new technologies, such as the Internet. One unit.

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